DE_SCRIPT_ION – English Version

Conversations on Language and Art – A Tribute to Hanne Darboven
Archive, workshop and exhibition as part of Hamburg ChinaTime 2014

Yue Liang
Yin Yi
Katja Lell
Carsten Benger

Hanne Darboven
Almir Mavignier

„I write, but I don‘t describe anything.“

Is there a universal reading of art? The artists Liang Yue and Yin Yi from Shanghai and Katja Lell and Carsten Benger from Hamburg will deal with this question in the context of ChinaTime 2014. The initial point is the common examination of the work of Hanne Darboven and Almir Mavignier.

The invention of scripture is one of the most conspicuous achievements of culture. Whether our European alphabet or the Chinese calligraphy – the concern has always been to articulate something, to document or to pass on information. So what happens when scripture is no longer readable? If it consists of a sign system we don‘t know, for example of the Chinese calligraphy? Scripture also raises more fundamental philosophical problems: How do we make sense of sense, if the written signs are not to be understood as a mediator of a somehow definable content, but on the contrary only make sense as shapes with an intrinsic aesthetic value? If so, is it then possible to generate a universal code, a form of text that is understandable to anyone?

DE_SCRIPT_ION attends to this questions relating the multiple different and artistically relevant functions of scripture in a Chinese-German artist-exchange program. With this, the project takes up the issue of this year’s ChinaTime committing itself to explore the fascinating Chinese ideography and calligraphy.

Yue Liang and Yin Yi from Shanghai and Katja Lell and Carsten Benger from Hamburg will engage in an intensive investigative dialogue on the possibility of a universal code.

The basis of their work is the oeuvre of Hanne Darboven who deceased in 2009. Since the 1960 years Darboven ranks among the internationally most well known German artists. Her work has been shown several times on the documenta (1972, 1982, 2002). Early in her career she got to the bottom of the border between scripture and image and developed her own „image-scripture-language“. To be classified as part of the movement of Concept Art, her works request the viewer to „read“ them.

Is the art of someone like Hanne Darboven through its textualisation culturally specific and, therefore, culturally limited? Or is it possible to generate an universal „art-scripture“ that could be understood interculturally and globally? These are the questions at stake in the the project DE_SCRIPT_ION. An artistic-philosophical quest for new aesthetic shapes of an intercultural communication.

The results of the cooperation will be shown at FRISE from November 12th to November 23th 2014. The opening takes place on Wednesday November 12th at 20h.

FRISE, Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V.
Arnoldstraße 26, 22765 Hamburg

Opening Hours: Fr – So 16h-20h and on request

Artists Shanghai: Yue Liang and Yin Yi
Artists Hamburg: Katja Lell and Carsten Benger
Mentors Shanghai/Hamburg: Wu Shanzhuan & Inga Svala Thorsdottir
Art-Consultant Shanghai: Thomas Füsser
Press: Anne Simone Krueger
Technics: FRISE/ABZ
Production: Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V./ FRISE
Artists in Residence Program: FRISE in cooperation with Kulturbehörde Hamburg,
Julia Dautel and Dr. Bilinc Ercan
Loans: Hanne Darboven Foundation and Galerie Renate Kammer

In cooperation with Hanne Darboven Foundation, Hamburg
With friendly support of Kulturbehörde Hamburg

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