South Australian Medical Officers Enterprise Agreement

Medical officers employed in the public sector of Southern Australia are covered by the South Australian Medical Officers Enterprise Agreement 2017, which contains a number of conditions, including working time, professional development, wages and allowances, leave provisions and other work-related conditions and agreements. Registrar (REG) is a medical agent who has at least two years of full-time experience as an RMO. Has been admitted to a professional training programme accredited by the Australian Medical Council, which leads to a scholarship for medical studies, including that of general medicine and rural and distant medicine, OR has not yet been admitted to a programme which nevertheless performs all equivalent functions as a medical officer. Appointment to the position of Registrar is made for an initial period of one year, with subsequent appointments up to a maximum period of three years. Other state award conditions: Not recognised (no transfer of other holiday rights without written agreement) Union: ASMOFQ and Together Queensland (formerly Queensland Public Sector Union) have coverage for medical officers in QLD. Resident – Once the general registration requirements are received, a medical officer becomes a resident and gradual progress over years 1 to 4. A price/agreement is the basis of all salaries and conditions for employees covered by the classifications it contains, i.e. the price or agreement sets the minimum payments received by a doctor in training. All documents and updates regarding the company`s negotiation process are published on this page. The aim is to ensure that all medical managers employed by SA Health have access to the latest available information. Senior Registrar – means a registrar with superior medical qualifications and a senior registrar position in an established position approved by the employer. Long-term leave: in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Employment and Management of the Public Sector – Statute 8.

A medical officer is entitled to a paid service leave of three calendar months after the completion of 10 years of uninterrupted service. Two years of service are required prior to the adoption of a pre-service with a licensed employer. LSL is paid on a pro rata basis after seven years of abandonment. A medical officer may be absent for up to two years to participate in a recognized humanitarian medical program or participate in structured rotations as a registrar, without compromising the recognition of continuous service by the median officer. Salary level: based on years of experience at different levels. Intern – level 1, RMO year 1 to 3 (corresponding to previous salary levels 2 to 4). Automatic annual progress by the aforementioned steps, based on satisfactory performance. Resident Medical Officer is defined as a registered physician who has not started in a recognized training program and who is employed as an RMO in the second or following year. Registrar years 1 to 7 (corresponding to the previous salary level 5 to 11). Registrar is defined as a registered physician who is employed as a registrar. A registrar may be employed with or without the Part 1 test of an appropriate technical qualification recognized by the CMA.

A Senior Registrar Yr 1 and 2 (corresponding to previous salary levels 12 and 13, respectively) is defined as a registered physician designated either as the Principal Registrar or a Registrar who has acquired an appropriate professional qualification acceptable to the CMA or an equivalent qualification recognized by the Chief Health Officer. . . .