Moat Housing Association Tenancy Agreement

Your housing corporation might choose to use a mandatory reason for antisocial behavior if someone has been convicted in your home for antisocial behavior You can apply to buy your shared home if you have had a public landlord for 3 years. Among these landlords are: a tenant of a housing company can only be marketed for certain legal reasons that the housing company must prove. You may need to inform us of changes in your situation based on your lease or rental agreement. For example; a new relationship, a relationship breakdown or the death of a partner. In these situations, you should contact us to inform us of the change in your circumstances. Housing corporations in general – including us – have been far too paternalistic over the years. People who live and/or work in the district are also given priority. We look forward to everyone`s applications, but we may only be able to help you buy a home in local authorities where no local connection is needed. If you do not leave, the housing company can ask the court to send bailiffs to dislodge you.

The court does not have the power to suspend the bailiff`s arrest warrant. Moat supports the development of mixed tenure communities and is proud to provide affordable rent homes and condominiums on our properties. We can change the lifespan of some assets according to need. Moat Homes Limited is a non-profit housing company. It is not enough for your housing corporation to prove that you are subject to discretion for evacuation. .