Collective Agreement Cx

Another case, as described in the Pacific Region, was identified in the Prairie Region, where an employee was compensated for overtime, the day before and the recall for 2004-05. This situation has also led to the need for remediation measures. In accordance with the Prison Services (CX) Collective Agreement, the employer will make every right to allocate overtime among readily available qualified employees on an appropriate basis, subject to the operational requirements of the service. The results of our tests showed that in one case in the prairie region, a CX-3 employee is still working overtime, while other CX-3s are rarely working overtime at the same facility for the same period. In addition, we found many anomalies in the comparison of the working time performed in accordance with the daily call stating what led to the need for recovery measures. We found good practice at the Edmonton institution, where the compensation manager identified a case where an employee was working excessive overtime associated with poor attendance. This matter was brought to the manager`s attention and no further overtime was allowed for this person. Employees do not cover their overtime. As in the Ontario and Quebec regions, overtime requests were made and approved on behalf of employees. As in the Pacific, Ontario and Quebec regions, compensation advisors do not receive original records of overtime worked and rely heavily on the institution`s young workers, for example.B. Casual employees to ensure that the terms of the corresponding collective agreements and the correct rate of pay are properly applied. Staff of the administration of the institution enter into the OPRS data relating to overtime and information on salaries.

Interviews with some of these individuals showed that they had not received compensation training and were not comfortable with the process. Compensation advisors do not guarantee the accurate and valid entry of overtime. Compensation agents transmit OPRS payment processing data to the PWGSC Regional Pay System (RPS) in Halifax. Overtime support rights are not passed on to PWGSC. Initial joint claims shall be withheld from the institution. We were unable to compare most of the information contained in the current application forms with the OPRS reports. Overtime requests are not properly approved and approved. The results of our tests showed that of the 15 overtime requests verified, 8 were either approved but not approved in accordance with SECTION 34 of the FAA and 2 were approved and approved by the same person.

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