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This Law Service Agreement regulates the use of BillPay`s service (the “Service”) and replaces all previous service agreements between you and Fidelity. By subscribing to the service, using the service or allowing someone else to use the service on your behalf, you agree to the terms and conditions, Co., a Nova Scotia Corporation with your main location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (`Tucows`), some of the services defined below as “Tucows Services” and finished with Huawei. If you click the “I agree” button (or similar button) below this agreement, or if you access one of the services as part of this agreement or if you use it (“Effective Date”), you are considered fully understood and accepted. This master subscription contract (“contract”) is the agreement between Deepgram, Inc. (“Deepgram”) and the end customer and user (“customer”) of Deepgram software (as defined below). For a good and valuable consideration, the preservation and sufficiency of which were finally recognized, this agreement was concluded by and between the city of Oskaloosa Iowa, a municipal corporation of Iowa (hereafter called “city”) and Heslinga, Dixon-Hite (hereafter referred to as “Heslinga Law Firm”). Recommended measures: 1) adoption of Amendment No. 2 on the professional services agreement with the janitorial services of the budget for an amount of approximately USD 252,342.12 for urban services; 2) Allow the City Manager and City Attorney to make any necessary, non-monetary changes to the change; and 3) Allow the City Manager and City Clerk to make the change to the agreement. Your personal effects load is managed professionally during transit. However, there may be occasional incidents during the local move, where the loads are at both ends of origin and destination and/or by sea. As a carrier to arrange freight during transit, Great Way is excluded from your freight compensation process, unless your cargo is insured by the insurance company under an insurance contract with Great Way. Great Way would assiduously help you recover what has been lost through the damages lawsuit with the insurance company for the highest possible compensation. Please read carefully the following tips and terms of use for Great Way`s customer/shipper for sending personal effects before signing this contract.

CONSIDERING that the company is present in various commercial activities, including, but not limited to the provision of various products and services related to cryotherapy; The PRESENT CONTRAT OF MATER SERVICES (“MSA”) governs Netpros Inc.`s provision of IT infrastructure and related services (“Services”), as you have ordered or agreed to under the terms and conditions of this MSA, which includes terms and conditions, which includes Terms of Use, Service Level Agreement, Privacy Agreement, Netpros Acceptable Use Policy and relevant schedules in the version you have amended and provided here. BY CLICKING OR CLICKING ON THE BOX WITH THE MSA OR INSTALLATION OR SERVICES, YOU ARE THAT (1) YOU ACCEPT AND THE MSA IN ITS ENTIRETY, (AS AMENDED FROM TIME TO TIME AS PROVIDED IN HEREIN) (2) YOU HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT AND AUTHORITY ON THE MSA ON THE AND (3) THIS MSA IS THE COMPLETE AGREEMENT FOR SERVICES.