Oe 955 Collective Agreement 2015

The Alberta Labour Relations Council conducts an investigation and orders a secret vote. If a majority (50% plus one vote) of employees votes “YES”, the union is certified and becomes the exclusive bargaining partner that represents workers and negotiates a collective agreement. All bargaining unit staff benefit from the terms of the negotiated contract. Organizing is another word for the association. When you organize your work, you take steps to have a union that represents you and your employees. Every union employer started without unions until the workers chose an organization. We have already done that and we are here to help. Organizing is a democratic process. The union organizer establishes a petition or provides union cards that the workers sign to signal their wish that the union represent them.

The anonymity of all those who take part in an organisational trip and sign a petition or union card is protected by law. “No employer or employer organization, nor any person acting on behalf of an employer or employer organization, can compel (c) by intimidation, dismissal, threat of dismissal or any other type of threat, by imposing a fine or any other sanction or other form of non-admission to a worker. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, enshrined in the Constitution of Canada, guarantees the right to freedom of association. Work with your colleagues and Union Organizer to start an organizational trip. Identify common concerns and issues such as fairness and safety. Union organizers take care of leg work, although the more information an “internal” person can provide, the more successful the effort will be. Employers cannot threaten, intimidate, punish or dismiss workers who wish to become members of a union. Click on the video below to learn more about the benefits of a union. You have the legal right to be represented by a Union. You do not need your employer`s permission to be unionized.

Alberta`s Labour Relations Code protects workers as soon as they approach or start talking to an organizer about union formation in their workplace. In Alberta, at least 40% of workplace workers must support the Union by signing a petition or union card for the next step to continue. Once this support is achieved, the Union will apply for certification from the Alberta Labour Relations Board. The employer is notified of organizational efforts, but is prevented by law from making significant changes in the workplace. Every union employer started without unions until the workers chose an organization. We have already done that and we are here to help. Contact us and ask to speak to a Union organizer. Union organizers provide confidential advice and support to start the organizing process. All investigations are treated in a strictly confidential manner.