Zalora Seller Agreement

This is because the return policy is defined by the seller, which is why you need to pay attention to this part of the Qoo10 entry before you buy it: Sign up at your Zalora sales center, the company`s unique stop site, to manage products, monitor orders and track your sales. 3 Seller`s rights and obligations (1) The Seller is required to provide all necessary information for the list of a product on ZALORA. This should include a detailed title and subtitles, price, quantity, image and description, but is not limited to that. The seller must never knowingly mislead a potential customer by misreprescing his or her products. The seller must notify ZALORA of changes to the details of its offers while it is uploaded to the site. 2. The seller ensures that the information on his products mentioned on ZALORA meets all legal requirements and, in particular, meets consumer protection information requirements. 3. The seller is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all products listed on ZALORA. (4) The seller guarantees that the information he provides is not contrary to the copyright of a third party. 5. The seller will not communicate with customers more than for the processing of transactions mentioned by ZALORA. In particular, the seller will not send emails or other advertisements to the customer without ZALORA`s prior consent or the customer`s explicit wishes.

When delivering products sold via ZALORA, the seller will not advertise to a ZALORA competitor. (6) The Seller will process the orders and arrange the delivery with the utmost care as soon as the Seller receives a confirmation of sale via the ZALORA website, email and/or SMS. Delivery options and the time indicated on the encoding are mandatory and orders must be executed within 1 business day. The seller is required to make available his products and services advertised to the best success. Repeated inventory means that the seller and all of its products are removed from the ZALORA platform. 7. If the seller is unable to fulfill an order submitted to him, he informs ZALORA as soon as possible and at the latest within one day of receiving the order. (8) The seller undertakes to respect his product range and prices as made available to ZALORA and described in the inking on the site.

The seller guarantees that no criminal, bankruptcy or tax proceedings are under way for the products they sell on the platform. The seller also guarantees considerable care to maintain its product range, number of warehouses, prices and associated terms and conditions, such as Z.B. Delivery costs. (9) The seller must provide ZALORA with a copy of his identity documents, authorizations and official registrations upon signing the contract.