Traduccion Joint Operating Agreement

The importance of these characteristics in this contract lies in the types of joint ventures that may exist and, therefore, three main categories may be separated from this agreement, the co-investment joint venture and the contractual joint venture. The main drawbacks of possible commercial cooperation are the potential risks of conflicts of interest between contractors, the complementarity of tasks, the dependence of the partner in important decisions, the adaptation to another culture or to markets unknown to one of the contractors. In the case of trade cooperation between two contractors from different countries, there is a possibility of poor integration and communication between partners if no corrective measures and correct strategic decisions are taken, ultimately resulting in losses and divergences in strategic objectives. From a tax perspective, one of the advantages is that contractors can maintain independent accounting, even if they are not authorized to keep it, and only include transactions in their own accounts that meet that contract, which provides sufficient opportunities for efficient allocation of expenses and profits. In the case of a joint venture, partners often continue to manage their businesses independently. The joint venture is another company, this time with a partner whose profits or losses, depending on the legal form of the joint venture, respond to the other`s profit account, striving, according to the principle of synergy, to generate an integration of systems that constitute a new objective. We can thus see that the main features of the joint venture agreement are to exploit the main advantages and disadvantages of strategic cooperation and we can stress that its main advantages are to share risks, costs and reduce them, to create more effective competition, to include new markets or a high-end contract, to increase economic power. , to use new resources or economies on a large scale. you give more opportunities for competition, you have the opportunity to increase your competitive advantages, increase the number of customers, save money, share operating costs, save money, share advertising and marketing costs, save time by sharing workload, using know-how and managing more information and finally gaining new business partners.