The Adaptation Of Long-Term Gas Sale Agreements By Arbitrators

A central discussion in this book is the possible answer to the question of whether it is possible to define a legal principle justifying the power of the arbitrator to intervene in the adaptation of the contract. The adaptation of long-term gas sales agreements by arbitrators addresses the issue of arbitrators adapting agreements in the event of unforeseen events that alter their balance. International commercial gas sales contracts are often marked for 20 years or more. Therefore, if unforeseen events change market conditions, the contractual balance initially established by the parties is disrupted and the agreement must therefore be renegotiated and adapted. This book aims to analyze this issue from a thorough examination of the power of arbitrators to intervene on the agreement in light of the capacity of arbitrator and procedural law. . `); doc.close (); – this.iframeload – funktion () – var iframe – document.getElementById (iframeId); setTimeout (function ) – setIframeHeight (initialResizeCallback); e, 20; e, 20); e-function getDocHeight (doc) e var contentDiv – doc.getElementById (“iframeContent”); var docHeight – 0; if (contentDiv) ` docHeight – Math.max, contentDiv.scrollHeight, contentDiv.offsetHeight, contentDiv.clientHeight); – docHeight return; – IframeHeight (resizeCallback) function system – var iframeDoc, iframe – document.getElementById (iframeId); iframeDoc (iframe.contentWindow – iframe.contentWindow.document) iframe.contentDocument); if (iframeDoc) h – getDocHeight (iframeDoc); if (h-h! – 0) e – parseInt (h) – `px`; if (typeof resizeCallback – “function”) – resizeCallback (iframeId); Please select Ok if you wish to continue with this request. . Please enter the email address associated with your account.

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The author explains in detail the complexity of gas price clauses and contractual clauses and takes into account the following characteristics, particularly in the wake of the 2009 crisis that affected the gas sector: .