Service Agreement Estonia

The normal minimum age of workers is 15 years (which may vary in some cases) below which workers cannot work. The Employment Contract Act defines the terms and conditions and work that children can do at certain ages. Children or young workers are subject to different rules (for example. B on working time). There is no age limit. People who have reached the age of 63 and have received a pension of at least 15 years are entitled to an old-age pension. Start of work – the exact start date of a person performing the work under an employment contract or on a voluntary basis, the effective date of an employment contract under the Obligations Act or the date of taking up a position in the public service. Legal rights under national law apply to all persons working physically in Estonia. Foreign law applies to labour relations when Estonia`s international conventions, Estonian laws or agreements between the parties to the employment contract establish it. Parties to the employment contract may choose the law applicable to both the entire employment contract and part of the contract.

Stripe processes, analyses and data management for: (a) providing services for you, other stripe users and customers; (b) mitigate fraud, financial loss or other damage to users, customers and stripe; and (c) to analyze, develop and improve our products, systems and tools. Stripe provides data to third parties, including payment agencies, payment agencies and their associated companies, as well as Stripe`s associated businesses, so that we can offer services to you and other users. We do not provide personal data to unrelated parties in order to market their products. You understand and accept Stripe`s use of the data for purposes and in accordance with this Section D. Networks can change network rules at any time without notice, and Stripe reserves the right to change payment services at any time to comply with network rules. We may share with the networks (and the payment method of acquire) the information you provide us, which we use to identify the nature of your products or services, including the assignment of your business activities to a specific code of the payment network merchant category (MCC). The employer may terminate a contract by immediate dismissal if the employee has committed a serious fault. In this case, too, the employer must follow the minimum legal measures of dismissal while being able to carry out the fairness review.

They are also required to pay all taxes, royalties and other taxes collected by a government authority, including vat, goods and services taxes, VAT and indirect and transactional taxes (“taxes”) on services provided under this agreement. Our royalties are not all applicable taxes, unless it is expressly specified otherwise. You assume sole responsibility and responsibility to: (i) the determination of taxes applicable, if any, to the sale of your products and services, to the acceptance of donations or payments you receive in connection with your use of the Services; and (ii) the valuation, collection, reporting and transfer of taxes from your business to the appropriate tax and tax authorities.