Qccc Agreement 2019

22 In arbitration, the arbitrator`s costs are shared equally by the parties. Any complaint made by the employer may be referred in writing to the Board within fifteen (15) full days after the onset of the circumstances leading to the complaint, and the Commission meets with the employer within 10 working days to review the complaint. If the final resolution of the complaint is not concluded within five (5) working days after that meeting, both parties may, at any time within ten (10) calendar days thereafter, refer the complaint to an arbitration commission in accordance with the article, but not later, when an employer is late, to an obligation to the Board or an affiliated Union. the Council or the member union may make a complaint through a meeting between the council`s designated representative and an employer official. In the event of non-compliance, the use of arbitration may be prosecuted The QCCC may, at any time after the tenth (10th) day of the month following the (s) month (s) during which the (s) month (s) of the (s) month (s) is due, refer to an arbitration procedure. THERE may be no additional restrictions or conditions on the use of machinery, devices, tools or methods, as long as the employer consults the Union when the introduction of new and substantially different devices, which have not previously been used in the industry, will result in the dismissal of workers. ARTICLE 20 WORK STOPPAGES If the workers covered by this agreement are subscribers, they do not participate in illegal work stoppages and have the right to continue their work despite these work stoppages. In all cases, the employer is allowed to remove its equipment from the site It is not considered a violation of this agreement to refuse a worker to cross a picket line. There will be no discrimination in refusing to cross a picket line.

In such cases, the Commission will work with the employer to request the removal of the employer`s equipment from the site. 1. 5. Considering that the employer`s activity includes non-destructive controls and the employment of qualified and qualified people to do the same, and considering that the nature of the work, the size and volume of the employer are available for the exercise of a job. where and when this work may be. requested by owners and contractors; and considering that the Association of Dailies and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States of America and Canada and the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers (`linked unions`) intend to negotiate and manage this agreement through the Commission and, to that end, have formed the Board and authorized it to act as agents for both; With the exception of the Province of Newfoundland, the employer recognizes, for the purposes of this agreement, the formation of the Council`s affiliated unions and decides to negotiate with the Commission, as a representative of the affiliated unions, in the negotiation and management of this collective agreement; Except for the Province of Newfoundland, and considering that the employer recognizes Newfoundland unions as the sole bargaining partners for all non-destructive auditors employed by the employer in the province of Newfoundland, and considering that parties trained in non-destructive audit work may be admitted to the Affiliated Union and that the Affiliated Union should be responsible for these persons; and that the employer`s work is done in many locations across Canada, so it is essential that employer staff be available across Canada to work in a timely manner if necessary.