Platinum Autoplus Agreement

Coverage of road-damaged strips. Applies to parts, work, installation, compensation and taxes applicable to your Toyota dealership for repairing or replacing original equipment tires. Protection if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. . Protect if your keys or remote controls have been damaged or lost. Select ECP Gold or ECP Platinum. Each plan is available with multiple levels of coverage and conditions. Your Toyota is built for the latter and covered by an extended warranty. But the unexpected can still happen. That`s why Toyota offers Additional Care Protection (ECP). With two great choices – PLATINUM and GOLD – and a variety of terms, I`m sure there`s a plan that suits you. To apply for involuntary unemployment, please contact our claims department directly at 780.410.4540 or e-mail ECP also protects its budget from the increased cost of vehicle repairs, while protecting the resale value of your Toyota on the road.

In fact, ECP is also fully transferable to a new owner if you decide to sell your Toyota during the life of your plan, which adds up the value of your vehicle at the time of sale. “The median price of coverage was just over $1,200, so a number of people didn`t feel well financially,” says Quincy. “It`s probably best to find a reliable car or brand and drive there.” Non-eligible vehicles: snowplows, emergency vehicles, auto-schools, public hire, taxi, limousine. . Protection if the appearance of your treated vehicle has been damaged due to environmental conditions. Protection if your vehicle has a bump or bump or your padding requires a cut, crack or repair. . “Every time they push hard to sell you rust protection, it`s a dealer`s gain because your car doesn`t need it,” he says. “In general, cars coming out of the factory already have good rust-proof work.” For used cars, vans and vans with a capacity of up to 1 ton. Alternative transportation refund for up to 5 days if your vehicle is required to stay at a Toyota dealership overnight, as a guaranteed condition is required for more than eight (8) hours of repair.

An additional 5 days, if parts are re-ordered, up to $400. Contact us at least 10 days in advance and we`ll send you a package containing personalized maps, alternative itineraries, tourist sites, accommodation directories, Toyota dealer lists and on-the-go entertainment.