London Zurich Agreement Cyprus

II. The President and President of the Vise of the Republic of Cyprus may, by mutual agreement, ask the Greek and Turkish authorities to increase or reduce the Greek and Turkish contingents. The question was asked whether Cyprus could remain in some form of association with the Commonwealth. This is an issue on which, of course, the Cypriot people themselves should have the opportunity to express their opinion if they promise to do so through constitutional means. It is also an issue that must concern other Commonwealth governments. If the Government of Cyprus declares when the time comes that it wishes to remain attached to the Commonwealth, the Government of the United Kingdom, in consultation with other members of the Commonwealth, will consider with meaning the best way to satisfy this wish. I hope – I am sure – that all members on all sides of the committee will welcome this agreement. I believe that we have closed a chapter of bitterness and controversy in the history of Cyprus and that we are now taking a new approach with our Greek and Turkish allies and the people of Cyprus themselves, where partnership and cooperation replace quarrels and disagreements. The missing factor that has eluded us for so long has been the agreement of Greece and Turkey on the terms of the regime. This is what has been done and the renewed friendship between Greece and Turkey, which implies reconciliation between the two main communities of the island, is the essential feature of the new rules.

23. The Republic of Cyprus gives Britain, Greece and Turkey the most favourable treatment for all agreements, whatever their nature. This provision does not apply to contracts between the Republic of Cyprus and the United Kingdom for recognised military bases and installations in the United Kingdom. 20. In the five largest cities of Cyprus, separate municipalities from the inhabitants of these cities are formed in the five largest cities of Cyprus. However: a. A coordinating body is set up in each city to oversee joint work and deal with issues requiring some cooperation. These bodies are composed of two members elected by the Turkish municipalities and a president elected by mutual agreement between the two municipalities. B.

The President and the Vice-President consider, within four years, whether or not this separation of municipalities continues in the five largest cities. For localities, special provisions should be adopted for the training of local authorities that follow, as far as possible, the rule of proportional representation for both communities. I would like to ask two questions about the Prime Minister`s announcement. First of all, is it clear that the representatives of the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots have accepted the agreement in toto, or will other negotiations continue? 625 made very strange announcements in the press about the allegedly Greek and Turkish claims. Will the Prime Minister not explain to the Committee why the government has now renounced its repeated request not to renounce the sovereignty of Cyprus under any circumstances? What is in the agreement that made them so confident that they can now renounce it, which has been declared the basis of our policy? I think the committee would like me to give myself, at this moment, the last possible moment for me the last position on Cyprus.