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Even if you enjoy meeting and meeting people from all over the world, Brunswick is exactly what your people love! The International Student Network offers students the opportunity for weekly excursions, events and meetings with German and international students. Check out the ISN website for more engagement opportunities. The Brunswick TU dates back to 1745 and is the oldest technical university in Germany. Facilities include a library, a sophisticated data centre, a sports centre, a language laboratory and a media library, the Lower Saxony Automotive Research Centre and Europe`s second-largest research airport. Brunswick TU has registered about 18,000 students with more than 2,300 international students from about 100 countries. TU De Braunschweig is a member of the TU9 network, the consortium of Germany`s leading technology institutes. If you have any questions about your exchanges at the University of Dortmund, please also take a look at our FAQs outside the course, students are also invited to participate in many college activities. For sports fans, check out the full list of sports opportunities for university students here. Students have many opportunities at the Technical University of Brunswick in many different fields for exciting research and individual laboratory work. Brunswick is a vibrant student town and the second largest city in Lower Saxony. With a population of 250,000, it is large enough to feel open to the world and still small enough not to be overwhelming. It is a friendly place, and easy to learn, but still able to keep surprises even after living here for many years. Brunswick is located in the heart of Germany and is easily accessible.

High-speed trains from Berlin and Hamburg take less than two hours, Hanover is less than an hour away. A public transport network is available free of charge to students. Brunswick is located in Lower Saxony, about 30 miles east of Hanover, and is easily accessible in Berlin, Warsaw and Leipzig. For nature lovers, resin offers ideal opportunities for hiking and skiing. Fact Sheet (basic information for Erasmus students and Erasmus partner universities).