Exclusive Rights Agreement Definition

The distinction between exclusive and non-exclusive grants is quite clear. Where rights are exclusively granted, the fellow says, “I will not grant these rights to anyone and I will not exercise them myself.” These obligations are not met when rights are not granted on a non-exclusive basis and the donor is free to grant the same rights to others or to exercise the rights himself. “For the purposes of its activity, THE ENTREPRISE decides to appoint and empower the AGENT as an exclusive project-based agent for the marketing and promotion of its systems, and since the AGENT also accepts and agrees to act as an exclusive agent based on a company project; We are a wholesale company. Is it a good business decision to give exclusive rights to a retailer to sell our products on Amazon, when we already have several resellers who sell our products on Amazon. Does a company that grants exclusive rights to a person have an advantage? An exclusive rights contract is used in almost all transactions in one form or another. If you enter into a contract with one or more parties, you all promise to put different things on the table. Read 3 min All exclusive copyright rights can have considerable economic value. Derivative works, which may include translations, dramatizations, films, recordings and shelters, can offer considerable rewards to the author. An author can sell, concede or transfer one or all exclusive rights. You may have a right if you feel that your rights have been violated. Check your contract carefully and make sure you understand all the specific provisions regarding your rights in this area. You can also collect additional documents and witness testimony that may show that your rights have been violated. I have a sales agency.

I discovered recently that my client started selling to a client to whom I have sold for more than 5 years: the same product, under the same brand name, via another agent. Yes, I`m a non-exclusive agent. But is it legal to do so with existing clients and how are the interests of a non-exclusive agent protected in this case? You can transfer your rights to third parties. This is the case, unless it is prohibited in your contract. rights arising from a contract that can be transferred if the broadcasting rights do not alter the obligations of other parties or increase the danger posed by other contracting parties.