Debt Collection Fee Agreement

7. Tax scale: It is agreed and understood that the following contingency tax applies to all accounts placed for collection. Debts that have been outstanding for more than a year are subject to higher fees. In the case of normal pricing agreements, we will insert you when and when we take a new step in the action or in obtaining funds from the debtor. 4. In accordance with the FDCPA, all communication is made with the debtor to and from the offices of Collectivity LLC. Therefore, the creditor/client undertakes to cease all communication with the debtor or to have the debt processed by another institution, collection company or representative. The creditor/client undertakes to immediately inform Collectivity LLC of the nature and content of any contacts that the debtor attempts to establish or make directly with the creditor/client, as well as any other important or important issue for the recovery of the debt in Germany. Receivables that are compromised by the lender/client or settled directly with the debtor are billed. All receivables that the debtor pays directly to (s) client (s) are also paid. 1.

The creditor/client`s intention is to maintain Collectivity LLC`s services for collection services. In the interest and spirit of maintaining a high level of ethical and professional standards, the parties are committed to complying with the FDCPA Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and FCRA: Fair Credit Reporting Act. In addition, all collection activities are conducted in accordance with the ACA Code of Conduct, the American Collectors Association and the standards established by the CLLA Operational Guidelines, Commercial Law League of America. Our conservation contracts, and in particular our service rates, can vary from year to year between the different services we offer. Currently, you are in our debt relief services business and we use contingency fee billing for all of our debt relief services. 6. Claims forwarded to external counsel to initiate legal action: knowing that time is essential and that delays in filing claims may affect the recovery of claims, Collectivity LLC is entitled to make payments for legal fees, legal fees, follow-up, diligence and all other costs associated with obtaining and executing judgments. All costs of legal action are and remain the responsibility of the creditor/client. Advances made on behalf of the creditor/client are broken down and accounted for and deducted from the debtor`s first payments, unless the creditor/client has paid beforehand. No legal action or litigation will be taken without the explicit consent and written consent of the creditor/client.

Our contingency tax percentages are based on the dollar of debt. The company offers a reduced percentage fee for all amounts that come from a relationship with a mass customer. To qualify as a mass customer, you must make more than ten group cases available to the company in a calendar year. Please contact us to discuss bulk appointment fees.