Cochin Airport Concession Agreement

(iii) the bidder may not have a pending, active or prior remedy against an airport operator with whom there is a duty-free operating agreement; prevents the bidder from making the offer, executing the concession agreement or complying with the concession terms. (ii) the bidder (or its partner) must be present at three (3) international airports (India or abroad), of which two (2) airports should have received at least five (5) million international passengers in the last three (3) years; CDRSL has a duty-free business underway at Cochin Airport. The dealer must acquire the balance of the CDRSL at the beginning of the duty-free business by the dealer and ensure the sale and services to international passengers of Cochin International Airport e.v.a. without interruption. The management of the airport demonstrated determination, leadership, management ability and financial discipline. In the early days of the project`s implementation, the airport was plunged into controversies and massive riots of landowners and evictions. Without management`s perspective, the project could not have been completed within such a limited time frame and at minimal cost. The airport has a profit and dividends from its early years. CIAL is the airport operator and owner of Cochin International Airport in central Kerala, India. Cochin International Airport is the first airport to be built in India under the PPP de-force model and to enter service in 1999. It is the first airport in the world to operate entirely on solar electricity.

Cochin International Airport achieved a total of 7.77 million passenger movements in 2015-16, of which 4.64 million are international and 3.12 million are domestic passengers. International passengers are mainly non-residents of Keralites/Indians, who work/live abroad and visit their families, tourists, etc. The project was partially financed by borrowing, while public and private companies, which later became service providers at the airport, also provided capital in the form of zero-rate deposits.