Canada New Brunswick Labour Market Development Agreement

I am writing about the Canadian government`s proposal for new rules on labour market programs. As you know, Minister Young wants to make rapid progress toward new labour market agreements with all provinces and territories and has recently written to his provincial and territorial counterparts to highlight his commitment. For your information, I have attached Minister Young`s letter to Minister MacIntyre. 5.2 Both parties agree to cooperate in the performance of their respective missions under this agreement to enable their clients and customers to have effective access to relevant labour market information. As part of research and innovation (an unnamed program), New Brunswick will conduct activities, experiments and research to address labour market development, policy and design. Canada recognizes that labour market training is the responsibility of the provinces. 3.1 Before each year of the agreement, targets are set and agreed by mutual agreement on primary outcome indicators. Targets are set, preferably at the local operational implementation level, taking into account the realities and opportunities of the local labour market, the individual needs of clients, equity considerations, community/partnership capacity and program mix. 24.2 Notwithstanding Section 24.1, an amendment to an annex to this agreement may be made by the written agreement of the parties` designated officials. To determine the resources available, we have used the principle that all administrative resources available to HRDC during the duration of the new Brunswick program agreement will be made available to you. Compliance with this principle allows us to provide “reasonable administrative costs for delivering the program to EI customers,” as outlined in the May 30 proposal. To ensure that the New Brunswick government has an appropriate planning horizon, administrative resources remain stable for the duration of the agreement. Die Landesregierungen wollten nicht, dass die Bundesmittel for das Programm aus den Arbeitsmarktvereinbarungen werden, die es seit 2007 mit jedem Bundesland hat.

[11] The $300 million program, which represents a 60% redistribution of federal contributions to the labour market agreement, would require provincial assistance programs implemented through other means through the labour market agreement. [11] These programs, considered successful, provided 86% of the participants in employment two years after the training. [11] New Brunswick has adopted the proposal and wants to reach an agreement with Canada on the draft. 19.5 New Brunswick agrees that if automated information kiosks provided by Canada and providing labour market information are installed in premises operated by New Brunswick, the premises have signage indicating that the kiosks are provided by Canada. I am writing to you and all my provincial and territorial colleagues to bring you to the progress that has been made since the Government of Canada`s proposal for new labour market rules was presented and to highlight the priority I give to signing an agreement with each province and territory that meets the objectives of both levels of government. I understand that during the summer months, our officials have looked at various topics and exchanged information, and I think we are now well placed to move the negotiations forward. The $1.9 billion is $500 million in revenue assistance from active measures; $250 million for canada-wide activities; and $1.15 billion for active labour market measures managed by the provinces and territories.