Art acts as an actitivst in times of war – an international artproject questions image-reality.


Ella Spector (Israel) and Belit Sağ (Turkey)

together with students of Gymnasium Blankenese

Julia Anders • Melusine Balke • Alva Bücking • Viviane Ebert
Pilar Erviti • Amina Gaede • Lena Harder • Julika Kohler
Selina Köhler • Lisa Lippmann • Ann-Cathrin Schürholz
Carla Rosenbohn • Chiara Tesch • Anja Tillmann • Alina Weigand
Stella Wein • Clara Wiechmann • Nele Winter

Opening: Wednesday, July 15th 2015, 20:00 o‘clock
Exhibition period July 15. – 26. 2015

War rules. Around the world people become victims of attacks, kidnapping, massacre, destruction, of hunger, thirst and epidemic. Some try their escape to europe, those of which manage to survive, might cross german borders. Subject of war and faith engage. Most of what we have come to know about war, we experience through media, therefore it is unsure how much of the chosen repertory, adaptation and contextualization of imagery, film and text actually create a warped reality, or a reasonable documentization. Real exposure with refugees is utterly overcharged with xenophobic imagery, that arouse resentment and fuel prejudice. What would be an adequate reaction, a reasonable documentization? What are the alternatives for imagery frenzy? How do media and reality relate? What role does art play?

FRISE – Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V. and Kulturbehörde Hamburg asked them- selves these exact questions and are initiating a Artist-in-Residence-Programme together this summer. As a reaction towards the current and ongoing strife in this world. The project is titled „A Story Behind a Story Behind a Story“.
Invited are the two media-artists Ella Spector from Israel and Belit Sağ from Turkey, to work together for the whole month of july on questions of geopolitical conflict, intercultural communications and artistic subversion in times of strife. Together with students of Gymnasiums Blankenese a one week workshop will be held, where the issue of war is approached from an artistic viewpoint.

These artistic viewpoints from students and artists will be showcased at Künstlerhaus FRISE from July 15th 2015. „A Story Behind a Story Behind a Story“ Ella Spector (Israel), Belit Sağ (Turkey) Students of Gymnasium Blankenese

More information: www.frise.de 
Press inquiries go to: Michael Kress, mik@trustyourlocalartist.com
Concept and conduct: Michael Kress
Project-coordination: Chrisdian Wittenburg,
Project-technics: Torsten Bruch
Translation: Evelyn Nossol
Media-text: Dr. Heidi Salaverria
Artist-contact: Haran Mendel, Dirck Möllmann and Christoph Schäfer
Cooperation-partner Gymnasium Blankenese: Janna Volland and Antoneta Berisha.
A special thank you goes to: Ruth Bässler and Dr. Bilinc Ercan

Information about the Artists:

Belit Sag works and lives in Amsterdam
http://bit.contrast.org & vimeo.com

Sag analyses news, media, and entertainment images creating new narratives from her findings. The video work and the image gazes back questions the role of images in current and historical events. For example Sa? ponders the similarities between one of the shots in ISIS’s execution video of James Foley and a shot in the final scene of the movie Seven, both of which feature a decapitation. She discusses the re- and pre-mediation of images—the way they appear and reappear either deliberately or accidentally. Her findings are an artistic investigation in what it means to live in a world where fiction and non-fiction influence each other in ways we can’t even imagine. …“ ArtSlant, 2014

Ella Spector Born 1979 in Israel
Site: http://ellaspector.tumblr.com

The practice of Ella Spector, (1979, Tel Aviv) exists in the space between cinematic representations and private emotions. Deeply existential, Spector’s works employ props from cinema and TV sets – such as cameras, spotlights, and lightning gears – in order to conceive immersive installations and conceptual sculptures that question the notion of beauty, magic, alchemy, truth and deception. Technological and at the same time poetical, Spector’s modus operandi embraces all the aforementioned notions as a whole, attempting to erase any possible distinction dictated by language or any other cultural convention.